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Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Written By: Doctor G - Jul• 16•11

Siberian Pine Nut Oil



“But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion. So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine”

(Luke 10:33-34)

Learn how to heal peptic ulcers, gastritis and mouth sores, repair and protect your gastrointestinal lining, strengthen mucous membranes, and achieve excellent digestive and overall health with the help of all-natural, nutrient-dense oils

This site is for people who are looking for effective, time-tested and proven answers to their gastrointestinal, digestive, and metabolic problems, as well as for ways of achieving healing, maintaining perfect health and staving off disease naturally. It is also for people who realize that there must be something wrong with the official dietary and medical dogmas and believe that real answers to the problems of healthy living are to be found in the traditional lifestyles and diets of our ancestors who managed to enjoy more wholesome and satisfying lives in harmony with nature. On these pages, we will share the results of many years of our search for traditional, nutrient-dense oils and other natural healing remedies that allowed generation after generation of our ancestors to avoid the common health pitfalls of modern society, including peptic ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux, IBS, as well as other inflammatory and ulcerative disorders of mucous membranes, poor metabolism, and impaired digestion.

Some of our discoveries were truly amazing, and we are certain that they will revolutionize the way we approach peptic ulcer, gastritis, esophagitis, acid reflux and stomatitis treatment, gastrointestinal and digestive health, and healing in general. You will learn how to achieve wellness with the help of healthy, uniquely potent, and 100% natural traditional oils from plants grown in pristine areas untouched and unspoiled by modern civilization. And you will see that making these nutritious oils part of your diet will not only help you heal ulcers and other types of mucosal damage, get rid of gastric and intestinal inflammation and improve your general gastrointestinal and digestive health, but will also provide you and your family with many other important health benefits.

Every year 40,000 Americans undergo peptic ulcer surgery, and 15,000 die from ulcer-related complications. It does not have to be this way!

Peptic ulcers affect about 5 million Americans each year, and more than 40,000 people annually have ulcer-related surgery. More often than not, ulcers occur as a result of an inflammation of the stomach lining called gastritis (when it is the duodenum that gets inflamed, the condition is called duodenitis). Each year, approximately 15,000 people in the US die of ulcer-related complications, the worst of which are an internal bleeding and a phenomenon called perforation. A perforation occurs when an ulcer eats a hole in the wall of the stomach or duodenum, releasing bacteria and partially digested food through the opening into the sterile abdominal cavity and causing peritonitis – an inflammation of the abdominal cavity and wall.

In analyzing the factors thought to contribute to the formation of peptic ulcers and gastritis, many researchers have stumbled across a rather striking “coincidence”. It turned out that all the known risk factors for erosive/ulcerative gastric and duodenal disorders – such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, physical and emotional stress, and unhealthy eating habits – deplete the natural antioxidant defenses of our body and cause a free radical overload. Even the much discussed Helicobacter pylori bacteria, once thought to be the main cause of peptic ulcers but now considered by many scientists to be merely a contributing factor to their formation, exacerbates the free radical overload by producing an enzyme called urease, the action of which eventually leads to the release of more free radicals, causing damage to the epithelium. As a result, the gentle, fragile mucosal lining of the stomach and the duodenum becomes one of the first tissues to suffer from the damaging chain reactions induced by free radicals. Many scientists who have come across this striking fact in the course of their ulcer and gastritis research think that this is exactly the area where the real answers and solutions to the ulcers/gastritis/GERD problem are to be found.

Extra virgin pine nut oil: a time-tested natural remedy with a proven track record of healing peptic ulcers, gastritis, GERD and IBS without antibiotics or antacids

Extra virgin pine nut oil is an outstanding concentrate of powerful free radical scavengers fully capable of preventing or reversing even the strongest oxidative stress leading to gastritis and peptic ulcers. The effectiveness of extra virgin pine nut oil in peptic ulcer and gastritis treatment was specifically established in several clinical studies conducted in Russia and China. In those countries, as well as in Eastern Europe, extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil has now officially been approved as an effective peptic ulcer and gastritis remedy. As more research into the unique properties of this healing oil is being conducted worldwide, one rock-solid fact is confirmed again and again: extra virgin pine nut oil is an effective, time-tested and proven natural ulcer, gastritis, acid reflux, and IBS remedy.

A new epidemic of truly frightening proportions has taken over the United States. According to the U.S. Government data, an estimated 129.6 million of Americans, or 64 percent, are overweight or obese. A new study released by the Department of Health and Human resources (HHS) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that deaths due to poor diet and physical inactivity rose by 33 percent over the past decade and may soon overtake tobacco as the leading preventable cause of death in America. Despite several decades of intense efforts to lower the incidence of obesity and promote weight loss through lowering the amounts of fat and cholesterol in our diets, obesity in America is still on the rise. Every now and then, a new “miracle” product or diet promises to solve the obesity crisis, but eventually all of them fail.

The underlying reason for this failure is a lack of understanding of the vital physiological processes behind eating, metabolism and weight management. We cannot win the battle against obesity and disrupted metabolism by ignoring the basic principles, which form the foundation of how food is perceived and utilized by our bodies. Therefore, any product designed to “force” or “coerce” our bodies into losing weight (and a vast majority of them try to do just that) is doomed to fail.

The only way to optimize metabolism and achieve vibrant health is to enhance the ability of our bodies to assimilate the nutrients that we need, unlocking its inherent potential to promote healing and maintain itself in perfect working order. Adelle Davis, one of the pioneers of the movement towards healthier eating, once said: “As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.”

Thus, when we try to “outwit” our own body by denying it the nutrients it needs (which is the case with macronutrient-restricting low-fat and low-carb diets) or poisoning it with artificial chemicals with harmful side effects, we are doing nothing more than “producing disease” in ourselves. On the contrary, when we help our bodies to unlock their true self-healing and health-building potential, they naturally come back to their perfect balance of vibrant health. What’s very important to understand is that staying away from all fats cannot activate this potential. On the contrary, health-promoting fats (as opposed to harmful synthetic fats found in processed foods) are the very keys needed to unlock this self-healing potential of our bodies and put it to maximum use.

Three teaspoons of healing extra virgin pine nut oil daily is all you need to heal your peptic ulcers, gastritis, or GERD, boost your metabolism and optimize your digestion and nutrient assimilation

For effective healing of gastritis, peptic ulcers and other conditions related to an inflammation of the gastrointestinal lining (such as acid reflux, IBS, or ulcerative colitis), it is recommended to take at least 5 ml (one teaspoon) of extra virgin pine nut oil three times daily 30 to 60 minutes before a meal. For duodenal ulcers, it may be advisable to increase the dosage to 10 ml or more. Some people also find it useful to take an extra spoonful of pine nut oil at bedtime.

Sometimes, you will see an improvement in a matter of days or even hours after you begin taking pine nut oil. In other situations, it may take longer (on average, a significant improvement will be felt in 7 to 10 days after starting treatment). As with any other naturopathic remedy, it is important to persevere and continue treatment until you see results. After a stable improvement is achieved, the oil may be discontinued, but it is still a good idea to take a teaspoon at least once a day to avoid ulcer recurrence and protect the gastrointestinal lining. It is also a great idea to make pine nut oil a regular part of your diet by using it in your everyday meal preparation.

A great thing about extra virgin pine nut oil is that, in addition to taking it straight by the teaspoon, you can use it in a variety of delicious and healthy recipes ranging from salad dressings and pastas to smoothies, cakes and homemade nut butters. Extra virgin pine nut oil is not just a great healer and metabolism enhancer, but also a gourmet culinary oil that can be used in your kitchen in a variety of creative ways. For example, you could use in baking and light sauteing, or as an absolutely delightful dipping oil. If desired, it can be mixed into olive oil or used instead of it on your salad or in any of your favorite dishes that call for vegetable oil. We have a special page on our site devoted to our very own favorite pine nut oil recipes.

We want to thank the owner of Siberian Tiger Naturals for allow us to share their material

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    Gastritis can be caused by infection, irritation, autoimmune disorders (where the body’ s immune system mistakenly attacks the stomach), or backflow of bile into the stomach (bile reflux). Gastritis can also be caused by a blood disorder called pernicious anemia…..”

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